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>  >One final thing: does anyone know why Barks so drastically changed
>  >Daisy & Gladstone in his very last stories (the beauty salon and the
>  >Ancient Mariner ones)? Editorial demand, I presume? How horrible
>  >they look! they can't be Daisy and Gladstone! They must be-- they
>  >have to be-- cons!
>  >
>  The story W WDC 308-06 "The Beauty Business" ends with Donald
>  "creating" whith his beauty business a new Daisy. As a sort of
>  continuity, Daisy keeps the same look in the last stories written and
>  drawn by Barks in which she appears: W WDC 312-01 "The Not-so-ancient
>  Mariner" and W US 68-02 "Hall of the Mermaid Queen". Maybe Barks
>  wanted to leave us with a "modern" Daisy, who knows?  Remember that W
>  WDCD 5-?2 "The Dainty Daredevil" was drawn by Barks but not written
>  by him.


As a novice, I'm not familliar with this new look att all. Anyone got
any good pointers to imageson the www?


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