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> <<This was not an unsolicited argument.  You solicited the argument when you 
> expressed an opinion that Barks should not be remembered
> for his paintings.  I stand by my assertion that anyone who feels this way 
> has not bothered to examine the fully body of Barks work
> from this period, making them ignorant>>

I've seen many reproductions of Barks' paintings... 
  Isn't it enough that the man was a genius of comic book art and story? 
 Why try to insist that everything he did was great?  
 His paintings are not great.
 Further, I don't believe Barks ever claimed they were great.  
Indeed, I feel sure that he knew people were buying them for his name and the 
subject matter - which is why he switched from other subjects to just ducks.
  To say that Barks is not a world class painter is NOT an insult to Barks.

If you like them, fine, it's your money, your taste.   But to insist that 
Barks will be remembered as a painter - (by anyone other than Disney Duck 
fans) is a bit much...

Steven Rowe 

Steven Rowe 
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