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Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Tue Jun 12 19:54:34 CEST 2001

François quoted John Glade:

> I realize that my experiences with mailing lists are probably 
> not typical or
> not typical of all mailing lists, but they have helped 
> convince me that I
> would just as soon stick with clubs.

I don't think the *content* of one mailing list should be regarded
representative for all mailing lists.
But I now better understand the technical differences. In my opinion, the
advantages and disadvantages are:

Mailing list (DCML):
- you don't have to visit an URL to get updated;
- the DCML list is strictly non-profit (did anyone ever receive spam
messages from Sweden?);
- the DCML is text-only.

Web-based forum:
- you can get attachments, and have an own space for interesting stuff like
photographs and scans;
- you have to subscribe to a commercial party, hence set your e-mail address
open for spam;
- you can write fancy HTML-based postings.

Okay, I can imagine that some people prefer either of them.
I do hope that important messages that pop up elsewhere are reported on DCML
too. I hardly have time to read my current mailing lists, let alone
subscribe to new ones...


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