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Hi all

Anders Christian wrote:

> In Denmark he's supposed to do, but not often shown 
> together with him, and I could list the first 5 
> stories to proove it.

In the 15 years I'm reading Disney Comics [I'm 17 1/2
years old so guess when I started reading :-) ] I read
only 2 stories with both Mickey/Goofy and
1. Uncle Scrooge meets the Phantom Blot by Paul Murry
2. A five-part story by Romano Scarpa which in greek 
titled "Who stole Mickey Mouse 1500?" (I have no idea
how the italian title is. It is a story with a golden
plaquet) and almost all the famous characters appear.
In Greece it came out in the special edition of the
weekly Mickey Mouse for the 1500 issues that the
magazine reached.

> -I-coded story JB  118ce 
> I TL 1790-A   26 3     BSa FVa     --   [part:11]
> [ser:Zodiac Stone]
> Which also prooves Apostolis wrong, since Mickey is
> very much seen in the money bin in the story

I've forgot that story! Maybe because I never bought
the special edition of it. It came out several years
ago, in a book named "H Zodiakh Petra" (Zodiac Stone)

> Mouseton, Mickeyville, Topilonia (?) and others. 
> what is it in greek, all Duckburg, as it is here?

Duckburg = Limnoupolh (LakeCity). The greek name
sounds good to my ears, but I also like the "Duckburg"
name. They gave this name maybe because ducks supposed
to live in lakes.
Mousetown = Mickey City

> Yes, Don redres some panels, or copied (Don?) and 
> don't tell me you yourself doubt one second that not

> only those panels but the whole Lo$, and the
> whole work of Don is one large 
> tribute/hommage/honnering of the Duck Man. :-)

Well, I believe that the whole Lo$, and the whole work
of Don is one large tribute/hommage/honnering of the
Duck Man ;-)
This is really one of the best works about Scrooge's
life. These episodes are full of references, humor,
action and... hard work :-)

> I believe those blueprints are as real as they can 
> get. 

I agree with you

> well, Apostolis, sorry, but I don't think any of 
> your money ever reached Barks or Rosa or any other 
> artists, writer or plotter.

I think you're right on that.

Best Wishes from the hot Athens (where the temperature
reached the 40*C degrees today, yay!)

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