Oil, and the world beyond

Søren Krarup Olesen raptus at stofanet.dk
Tue Jun 12 19:02:01 CEST 2001

Oil paintings etc. by Barks are interesting but mostly in the sense that
*Barks* did them IMO. I find it difficult to imagine how Don or anyone
else for that matter would be able to use them or get inspired
by them (directly) in his or her comics. They are basically camera like
snapshots from various events in the past. They are *great* snapshots
agreed, but they don't have much new story to tell, do they.

In popular terms we might compare them to a remixed "Greatest Hits"
album from an old band we all used to love. Think of the remaining three
members of The Beatles who during the last twenty years have released
such records on a regular basis (digitally mastered, a few takes with
previously unheard grunting from various rehearsal sessions etc.) I
doubt such releases would inspire any serious band into making music.
This is a harsh and inexact comparison, I know, but it might show why
Barks' oil paintings are more or less useless in a comics context
(standalone cover creations excepted of course).

Perhaps when Don retires from the comics business he might get into
oils himself--who can tell?! :-)

Hence, I do not agree with John's appreciations on Barks' oils.

Now, (and this is something utterly different), I *do* agree with
John's comments on some people's way of expressing their views:

The very same second I received Don's "emotional problems" mail, I knew
I had read this somewhere before, but Daniel was faster than me, and it
was none of my business anyway--yet, please, Don! There is no reason to
attack back with double strength. Even *if* John and Daniel have
"emotional problems" (which of course is out of the question), why on
Earth bring this into the debate. To me this seems like the last thing
one would ever dare to do. You might have meant this as a pure
rethorical phrase, but still it's a bit "low" IMO.

Secondly, I really dislike the way that Don's "Little Helpers" always
pop up out of nowhere when someone tickles the sacred shell. Example:

> RODNEY said:
> And Daniel.........we all know very well how you don't like Don.  Your
> comment was really uncalled for.
> ......
> Amen! 

Hey, *that* really wasn't called for--and that goes both for the "Amen"
and the sentence above.

I am a bit disappointed about the reaction from Don about me actually
liking his newest story. Don, by now I know that I have missed myriads
of golden Barks references in that story, but why not just smeer out
that fact instead of letting me stand out as an ignorant. Hey, I loved
that story and only found a few Barks related facts there. Why not just
enjoy that you actually managed to please one of your critics, one who
is not even a born Barksian.

Don, you are (whether you like it or not) unable to convience everyone
of us with your believes just like that. At some point you should
stop, take a pause (order a pizza, as we say in my programmer's world
:-) and think! Most of the times you invite for those ranting debates


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