The fight

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Tue Jun 12 22:14:37 CEST 2001

There's yet another fight going on here, there's no other name to give to it.
Don Rosa finds the words of John Garvin too harsh, so he doesn't want to argumente with him.
John Garvin can't stand this, so he only gets meaner. 
This way, there will come no end to it, the hatred will only grow.

Don Rosa should cool down first. Then he should look at all of it from John Garvin's point of view.
John Garvin should look at all of it from Don Rosa's point of view and stop using everything he's got against him.

You just both should remember: No-one of you is perfect. No-one of you needs to be. That's why we people can forgive and forget. So please, try to give in a little and reason a bit with one another and use some real arguments. There's no reason to start a war over this.
And John, before you say Don doesn't want to reason, it's only because of your harsh words. And Don, if you think John only wants to attack you, it's only because he believes you don't want to reason with him. You're both human beings with your own faults and qualities, try to understand a bit more.

And Daniël: this is between them, you only use it to attack Don one more time, while I know that you are a fan of his work, I really don't understand why you do this.

By the way, Anders, are you all right?
- But the word square also means in
- american, honest. And I find that fun, so saying that those italians
- draw sqauare I say they draw honest and Nice and I don't agree with
- myself. Oh stop writing you ... no I wont! - flap - punch - smack -
- (sence the Batman-slogan running in my head? follow this, next
- bat-episode, same bat-time, same bat-channel?)


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