It happens again

Kenneth Glendinning neth80 at
Wed Jun 13 07:47:51 CEST 2001

This mailing list is a full time job I don't check it for a day or two and I 
get swamped by messages on the DCML.
And again it is an argument over nothing.
Why cannot everybody remember Barks in there own way so just state you 
opinion and move on?
Instead you argue about whom is correct well guess what no one is.
It is a matter of your point of view.

And Don Rosa you claim you are attacked when all I can see is you doing the 
attacking when other are just trying to tell you and others there point of 
If some one told you that you had emotional problems how would you respond?

OK I think I have got my point of view across just remember that is all it 
It is not personal.


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