Studio years

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Wed Jun 13 17:55:49 CEST 2001

Vic asked:

> What's the story with "the studio years"? Many
> messages refer vaguely to this time with an air of
> horror...can someone explain what was going on?

A few years ago, shortly before Barks' wife died, Barks put his public
relations and other matters into the hands of Bill Grandey and Kathy Morby,
who then called themselves the "Carl Barks Studio". They took care of all
the work Barks did (paintings, drawings, etc.) and they were also the
organisers of Barks' big tour through Europe.

They handled their business in such a way that they ended up fighting with
lots of people, including Barks himself. Their nicknames became Greedy and
Morbid. In the end, everyone was relieved that the Barks Studio was stopped.
Many people, also on this mailing list, have not-so-fond memories about what
happened during the "Studio years", that's why we don't discuss it that much

> Why is
> ebay often full of animation cels signed by Barks?

My guess is that the forementioned Barks Studio made Barks sign a lot of
stuff that he didn't have anything to do with, including newspaper strips
and animation cels. With the sole purpose of making money out of it. I think
some people bought it (in 2 ways), and are now trying to get rid of it again
through eBay.


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