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I didn't know that the best sarcasm was the one you can't see is
sarcasm, I don't agree. As you saw it made me very mad, and sad to
read. so much that I've been up till late both yesterday and now. 
Sprea, I'm sorry that I made you think it wasn't sarcasm, I mailed with
Mike and found out. 
I don't think though, that the last line, which insinuated that only
white people are normal, was indicating the sarcasm, to me it was just
the final insult, the last stick for the fire and other expressions. 

Would I be wrong/killed to say this: 
Barks did his comics for the readers (the pay Disney gives really
couldn't have made him carry on, but the possible thaught of pleasing
many kids in america and in the whole world (though he might not have
known that in the beginning, about the whole world)). 
He did the paintings for fans, collectors (the worst kind of them, the
others are fans), and for Money, and no doubt he deserved those money,
though he was probably not poor before he started doing them. 

I met Barks through his comics, Mr. Garvin, and I also met Vicar and
others there. (And I don't think it's fair accusing people here for
being arrogant, except for a certain italian, I never met more nice
people on one place, and I consider most as friends!)
I didn't notice the paintings, which were only on the cover of those
goldbooks I could borrow from the library, but they were always
borrowed by others, and I might have found a book of comics (not comic
book, but a whole book) too much at a time. My way into Barks was also
the big white book with Uncle Scrooge, which was published here 1975,
it only told slightly that he painted. "He paints a bit, and makes a
coupon for the lottery (danes: do they have tips/tip & vind in the
US?)." I wonder if that coupon think is entirely made up by the same
persons who states, in the first goldbook in 1984: "Carl Barks' the
close worker of Walt Disney" (what?!)

A. C. Sivebaek
acsive at

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