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Thu Jun 14 15:05:26 CEST 2001

1 month ago, Søren replied to me:

H>> Maybe I'm only objecting to the situations where a main
H>> character behaves badly, and doesn't get punished for that.

S> Perhaps you or others would like to (re)read the perhaps most 
S> sad story
S> of all times--my personal favourite in that category. More grief and
S> sadness and bad luck is impossible to find:
S> Ennio Missaglia's terrible (and great!) "Le avventure di Paperin
S> Cenerentolo" (I TL  306-A) from 1961 drawn by Luciano Capitanio, who's
S> intrinsic sad style worked better than ever. A true milestone 
S> that runs sixty very touching pages. Have "fun" :-/

I remember having read that story a few months ago. Maybe I had that same
story in mind when I first wrote the above.
I don't recall the details anymore; these memories have been overwritten by
some dozens of *good* Italian stories I read afterwards.

Funny thing is that the Dutch translation has the same quality as the story.
The Dutch title (in Pocket book 5, 2nd series) is "Donald Assepoetser". This
should have been "Assepoester", meaning "Cinderella" (or "she who keeps the
fire burning by blowing in the ashes"). While "Assepoetser" would mean "he
who polishes the ashes". Huh? 8-)


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