DCML digest #568

Søren Krarup Olesen raptus at stofanet.dk
Thu Jun 14 19:55:10 CEST 2001


> >>>The two outer extremes are 1) Everything is "steered" by old Barks
> events and 2) Everything is steered by you (the author)
> Don't do that to me again so soon. No matter how many Barks references I
> use in a story, even if it's one of my direct Barks-sequels, nobody is
> doing the "steering" but me.

Sure, of course, but those are my observations. Humble as they are, I
had and have those thought while turning the pages of your newest
story. There is really nothing more to it, Don.

> If you need an analogy, you can say that I am using a Barks-map
> from the Dell Auto Club and I (I) am steering past famous landmarks,
> stopping at each for a scenic overlook and a picnic lunch.

I love analogies, and in this case I only say (had the feeling,
however you'd like to put it) that you steered a bit more loosely, and
that this pleased me while reading the story. Of course you're the only
person in ze world who knows exactly how you plan your stories etc., but
it doesn't stop me from having this feeling.

Interesting to read your explanations about "The Coin" BTW. Having
read this information it makes a lot more sense, but as I claimed,
this immediate inconsistence only made me happy in the sense that you
too sometimes make stories that don't fit 100%. Not that I wish to
break down your image of being a "consistant man", but merely to
emphasize the fact, that I prefer stories which are not stuck on
previous events, facts etc. It's only me, I know, but this is also a
mailing list about putting forward one's believes and ideas and (for
that matter) critics.

> Hey, boy, we're havin' fun now, eh?

:-) Happy days for everyone...sure! C'mon, you can take it, and even the
meanest of us usually turns out to be quite calm after a few minutes of
recovering :-)

As for William Price (Mr. Horizon) he unconsciously only proves that a
word like "demanded" perhaps wasn't so much out of place. I respect the
way he puts his cards on the table, but it doesn't necessarely show a
good hand...so to speak.

That's all for now.


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