Friends (RE: Oil, and the world beyond)

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Fri Jun 15 11:51:08 CEST 2001

(Sorry folks, yet another e-mail that's not about Disney comics. I'll make
it as short as possible.)

> I don't think anyone would disagree
> that friends are not friends at all if they sit back and say 
> nothing when
> companions are attacked.  That silence could even be 
> interpreted as possible agreement with the criticism.

There is no need for a friend to defend a person if that person is capable
of defending himself. It only confuses the discussion (especially if it's an
e-mail discussion, where you can't hear voices or see facial expressions).
People start mixing up who said what and why. See that HorizonHse's recent

You know I have friends myself here, who were heavily attacked in the past.
By each other, in fact.
I tried everything possible to help them, and didn't succeed, so I stopped
trying. But I hope no-one is interpreting any silence from my side as an
agreement with anything.

> Go ahead -- make a liar outta me.

No, that's not true. 8-)

"Some make chaos, others toys"
"I'd rather be on horseback"

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