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Fri Jun 15 11:33:54 CEST 2001

Hi to you all!
I've been following the last digests with a great interest, since people's
reactions to other people are very fascinating. Just wanted to say one
thing (no actually, I have lots to say, but that'll have to wait for
another time)
I live in Göteborg in Sweden, where we're having a EU-summit right now,
and Bush were visiting yesterday. This caused a lot of demonstrations, and
a lot of arguing and fighting between angry demonstrants and policemen. I
accidentally ended up in parts of this, because I had to bring my sick
parakeet to a vet, and had forgotten everything about the
summit. Anyway, the most angry demonstrants who were giving most trouble
were all hooded. They didn't show their faces. 
And that makes me so angry. If you have an opinion, you should stand for
it by showing who you are. If you don't it's not worth anything. It means
that you don't dare stand for it. It's so cowardish. And I think that that
applies for everything, even this list. 

Quack for now! 
/The, anxiuosly waiting for a little birdie to get well...

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