Panchito's Señor Martinez!

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at
Sat Jun 16 15:10:05 CEST 2001

Don Rosa, about my question on Panchito's serapè's absence on "The Three
Caballeros Rides Again":

>You seem to have hiccupped -- you mean his serape? If he was wearing one
>all the time in the movie or comics (which I'd need to go check), I'm sure
>I figured it would just be hard to draw in each pose and that I preferred
>see all of his body in every shot.
>I thought you were going to ask about the horse he has in all the comics. I
>saw that steed but I can't bring myself to draw horses that are that
>cartoony... I prefer to use semi-cartoony hosses like in Asterix. But I
>still used the hoss' name from the comics.

I was not so clear on my question! Here in Brazil they've never used
Panchito's horse, Señor Martinez as his way of transport! He use's his
serapè (carpet), as the three caballeros used it on the movie. There aren't
so many Panchito's B-coded stories (15, more or lees, on the Inducks data),
but in always he is usign his serapè...Yes, I'm familiar with the Panchito's
Dutch stories...but I was not speaking about then when I ask! Probably Señor
Martinez is a Dutch creation, right Dutch members?

I doen't like the design of Señor Martinez on the Dutch one' a matter
of fact I really preffer the way you(Don) drew him on your story.
The brazilian staff tried some years ago to develop single stories for each
characters(as Pablo and the little Gauchito) on The Three Caballeros movie,
but it wasn't worked very much...!
I remenber a B-Coded story that has Donald and Panchito visiting José, and
he seels Panchito's serapè to buy food!!! But he doesn't know they have the
intention of go to the World Cup usign the serapè...!

I suppose you can understand me, now? :)

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