572: age and culture

Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at mail.mira.dk
Sat Jun 16 15:34:08 CEST 2001


I never imagined myself what age Della would have when she gave birth 
to the triplets, but anyway, it's the charecters, as they are in the
comics, that I like. 

Olaf, you probably didn't mean to say so, but from what I read it seams
you think Kentuckians (?)
are very wild and living as people did in Europe in the middle age,
maybe. I don't know enough to
know if it is so, but I surely don't expect it to be so. Let's not have
wievpoints such as I first though 
Mike from Finland had - other people may have them - thinking some kind
of people are better or 
worse than others. 
In Denmark not many centuries ago it wasn't unusual to see an old rich
man marying a 13-year old 
girl, because the wife had died, and he had to see to it that the
"clan" would live on. 
But allthough some hillbillies in movies and possibly reality may have
lived so, I wouldn't believe 
someone there doing so at the moment. I might be coming down to a word
called civilization, which is 
of course not good in all cases but in some. The movement from one
culture to another is both good and bad. 

I changed my own wievpoint quite a bit, seeing that of course there are
good and bad people among 
every culture. 

A. C. Sivebaek
acsive at mail.mira.dk

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