DCML digest #576

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Sun Jun 17 16:05:01 CEST 2001

From: "Rob and Nancy McCallum" <mccallumrn at hotmail.com>
>>>Can any one tell me (and the rest of DCML) the exact date and time of the
Barks tribute at this year's San Diego Comic Con?
Perhaps one of the panelists, Mark Evanier,  Russ Cochran, Don Rosa, Russell
Myers or R.C. Harvey would know.

Well, don't believe anything you hear about the panel being on Sunday as was
originally planned. It has been changed to Friday, but I haven't bothered to
find out when. Byron Erickson will also be on the panel at my proxy
invitation, and I hope to persuade the Finnish editors who will be in
attendance to also participate. I think it would do the American Barksfans
good to know how famous and beloved Barks still is across Europe
(*especially* in Finland) and not have to think that he's been forgotten by
all but a handful of aged comic collectors as here in America. I just hope
that we 7 or 8 panelists don't come close to outnumbering the audience, and
that's not a sarcastic crack. Even when Gladstone's Disney comics were still
shining brightly here, Disney comics panels at conventions, even SD, did not
draw more than a scattering of fans. But this one is for Barks, hissownself,
so maybe lots of old-timers will pile in to do his memory honor!

From: Pascal Oost <oost at xs4all.nl>
>>>I'm curious: who owns the copyrights to these Barks-paintings? Did Egmont
buy them for the danish weekly, or did Disney buy them so all
Disney-licensees can use them?

All of the images of Barks' Disney Duck (actually Barks Duck) paintings are
Disney's sole property, and as such are available for the free and unlimited
use by every licensed Disney publisher on the green earth. And Disney did
not need to "buy" anything. They are actually *paid* to accept ownership (in
the form of their royalties on the initial litho sales), just as Egmont pays
in license fees for the right to singlehandedly produce thousands of pages
of Disney comics each year and turn the rights to that material over to
Disney 100%.

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