"Science friction"

Søren Krarup Olesen raptus at stofanet.dk
Sun Jun 17 17:08:53 CEST 2001

FERNADO wrote to DON (and SPREA better watch out :-):

> [...] In any way, I really dislike "fantasyous to much"
> stories...some fantasy, as Panchito's carpet, is accetable for me,
> some, are not!

This reminds me of how much computer nerd and internet like stuff many
of the newer Egmont stories contain. On top of that, we have masses of
sci-fi stories from both Egmont and Italy.

I am a computer freak myself, love the internet as a media and hold a
great (IMO :-) collection of sci-fi stories and all, but still... For
some strange reason I don't really appreciate all this "modern stuff"
in Disney comics.

Perhaps this development into Disney comics follows what we see from
several Americal TV series; like yesterday when I by mistake watched
Star Trek Voyager. It was all made out of rubber, the star ships were
rubber, the personnel were all rubber and even the little alien
baby creature who was saved under the most embarassing circumstances
(what a horrible episode!) was plain rubb(er)ish.

I suspect such series to belong to the so-called "hard science fiction"
category (here spiced down with some childish ingrediences) and
apparently this too is the case for most of the sci-fi Disney comic
stories I have read.

Why is that? Do the Disney characters not have enough substance to
induce the writing of sci-fi stories with a bit more depth. I call for
more "soft science fiction" in future stories, but I also realise that
this implies more preparations from those story writers who are in

Sprea, what is your opinion about this? I know that you are a big
Heinlein fan, but if I remember correctly he had more imagination than
humour and he also belongs to the "hard" department, right? Are you
satisfied with Italian Disney sci-fi stories or...? :-)


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