DCML digest, Vol 1 #567 - H. Fluks: Mailing List

Joachim Butz joachim.butz at freenet.de
Thu Jun 14 23:41:05 CEST 2001


i agree with harry fluks about the advantages of the DCML. i am a 
long term subscriber and it has been a GREAT thing for me all the 
years. i don't have time to read it everytime, but i am happy if i find 
the time to do and then can go back to older mails if a topic is 
interesting to me. so for me it is a *big* advantage that i get it 
automatically without taking care to miss something (and can read it 
whenever i have time to).
> - you don't have to visit an URL to get updated;
> - the DCML list is strictly non-profit 
>(did anyone ever receive spam
> messages from Sweden?);
no, never ever !!! - *GREAT*

> - the DCML is text-only.
yeah and thats good. because here on this list you had to focus to 
facts and infos and discussion and not on nice but 'uninformal' 
scans or gimmicks. is a list contribution more worthy when the 
smileys are coloured and animated?  for me it is important to get the 
for me as a very rosa fan, i am so happy about his joining this list 
and giving us so much and detailed informations about his stories 
and about himself. for me the very best source about rosa himself 
and his work since many years. but i don't miss the rosa graphics 
here. i can get them somewhere else.

text-only is a differnet from htmls with scans etc. but if you want it, 
you can get it somewhere else. so be happy to have all these 
> Web-based forum:
> - you can get attachments, and have an own space for interesting 
stuff like
> photographs and scans;
yeah, but there are a lot of pages where you are able to get these. 
but they already exist . so why add another one. instead of adding 
another one try to help to improve the existing ones with your 
contributions. As an example, i am very happy about the D.U.C.K 
Hunt pages. the guys spend a lot of time to bring us these NICE 
pages and it is a very good example of 'centralising' the various 
webpages and information sources in order to have fast and easy 

and you can have some own space here on this place too, if you 
want to put some information here (suppose it is already so)
> - you have to subscribe to a commercial party, hence set your e-
mail address
> open for spam;
YEAH!!!    :-((

> - you can write fancy HTML-based postings.
yeah, but that's another sort of dealing with our hobby. i like it too!.
but, as already said, they already exist. 

>I hardly have time to read my current mailing lists, let alone
> subscribe to new ones...

and let me add an important point: a big advantage of the text based 
form is, that you DIDN'T need any speciall stuff instead of a very 
simple mail client and a textreader or editor to join the community. 
so you don't need to have the newest hard and software and high 
speed connection to the web in order to be able to show all the high 
sophisticated html goodies put in a webpage or a contribution on a 
board. it's nice if you have these possibilities, but not everyone does.


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