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Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jun 18 19:54:54 CEST 2001

Sorry, hit the wring key and sent the previous message
before I could correct "Number three here!", which should
read "Number four here!" since Daniel posted after I started
this message & before I resumed it.

I have read the infamous book. It has nothing to do with
criticism in the noble sense (constructive literary criticism),
it's just full of  anti-americanist political propaganda.

One outrageous example, quoted in Dana Gabard & Geoffrey Blum's
article "The Color of  Truth is Gray" (CBL of  U$a in Color # 24):
To prove how terrible Disney comics supposedly are,
they showed a panel from "Lost in the Andes". It's the one where
the Ducks are leaving and the head Plainawfultonian gives them
the compass; the Ducks in return will "teach them square-dancing!"
the panel they show (from a Chilean edition) reads instead:
"We'll teach them to stand to attention before their superiors!"
Gabard & Blum pointed out the translator had tried to keep a square pun.
But you can easily guess what Mattelard & Dorfman made of  this.   : (

Eero-Pekka (yes, I was interrupted while writing this)
>>Are there any fantasy-fans here?
I have only read Asimov's fantasy tales-- quite funny. But like such films
as "Willow".


PS (Regarding the L&T map):
I intend to do a similar map for Mickey, Donald and Scrooge's adventures,
as told by Gottfredson, Barks and Don Rosa. But it'll take some time.

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