Blueprints and CAD, a three-dimensional daydream

Paolo Castagno p.castagno at
Mon Jun 18 22:40:54 CEST 2001

Daniel van Eijmeren wrote:

> PS. One practical purpose of this imaginary project could 
> be a Duck Adventures video-game in which the player:
> - has to avoid danger when leading the Micro-Ducks through 
>   Duckburg (US 65)
> - has to hide for Daisy's club (WDC 101 nightmare story)
> - has to avoid spies when bringing a serum to Codfish Cove 
    (WDC 114)
> - has to reach the surpressed desire party in an armor suit 
>   (WDC 198)
> - etc. etc. etc.

It reminds me of a text-only adventure I wrote maaany years ago
for my Commodore 64, where U$ has to reach his money bin avoiding
many dangers, including Brigitta, and has to solve some puzzles
to beat Rockerduck!

God only knows where it ended up!!!

  - Paolo

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