Going Quackers

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Tue Jun 19 07:28:39 CEST 2001

       I purchased and completed the Donald Duck game that I mentioned on 
this board a while back, and it was pretty much as I expected it to be: 
standard platformer fare, utterly lacking in depth as far as story and 
characterization go. Actually, the story and characterization are an 
*embarassment*, and I wish they'd been left out. But it had wonderful art and 
animation, and the gameplay itself was a lot of fun. At $20 for the PC 
version, you can't go wrong...
       On thing that surprised and pleased me, though was the "Dedicated to 
Carl Barks" screen at the end. The game did use several Barksian characters, 
including at least one, Gladstone, who probably wouldn't not be well known by 
the mainstream... Scrooge was nowhere to be found... I wonder why.
       I really hope I get my chance to go in there and make the perfect Duck 
game, someday.
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