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>There's not often shown scenes or stories from Duckburg school in the 

Isn't there? I agree that there is more stories about hilarious adventures 
than stories about Huey, Dewey and Louie in school. But my opinion is that 
quite a lot of stories come from the school, especially around school start. 
I remember lots of them; the mobber you mentioned, the story where Donald 
tries to get HD&L's friend from (i believe it is)Kari Korhonen's stories to 
start school... and notice that every August you can reed at least one story 
about going back to school in Donald Duck & Co / Anders And and other 

>I see something self-condradicting in the fact that the kids are often 
>shown as not wanting to go to school, and then, at the same time, they're 
>Junior Woodchucks, learning all kinds of things through that.

I think this is handling with two different stages of HD&L. The stories 
where they don't want to go to school probably takes place a while before 
they entered the Junior Woodchucks. In the Don Rosa story 
"W.H.A.T.A.L.O.T.T.A.J.A.R.G.O.N." or whatever that name was, we get a 
glimze of HD&L the day before they enter the Junior Woodchucks. I think you 
will agree that these little boys are the same boys that Carl Barks and 
hundreds of other creators would let run away from school. Right? After they 
entered the JW, they probably realized that it wasn't too bad to learn 
something after all.

I have always thought of it as something absurd that Donald Duck & Co, the 
most popular cartoon in Norway, actually shows the school to be something 
terrible and boring. This has never been concidered to be a problem, but I 
believe that many children have HD&L as their idols. I often get the feeling 
that when HD&L play hooky, they say to their readers that it's OK. I've 
often in the weekly read articles like "20 good excuses to start school 
three weeks later". I hope that this will take an end, and that school can 
be something positive. But, that is MY opinion.

>and the story is about several accidents that the multi artist Limonardo da 
>Vimsi causes (The name would read Lemonado da Clumsy or such in American, 
>if the story is published in a Gladstone comic or such)

Argh. Don't you just hate it when they make up these names? Why couldn't 
they write a story where they meet Leonardo da Vinci instead? Almost as 
pathetic as that German Don Rosa-translation including Schumacher. (I think 
it was the Cutty Sark cowboy)

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