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Tue Jun 19 12:26:20 CEST 2001


>(so howcome nobody has mentioned the 2 sf writers who wrote Disney stuff 
>in the 50s: William Nolan and Charles Beaumont?)

Oh, yes, I forgot. But they didn't actually use any S/F theme in the
coupla stories they wrote... to be honest, I only remembered the
"Mystery of Diamond Mountain" one (MM 47, art by Paul Murry), maybe
inspired from F.S. Fitzgerald's "The diamond as big as the Ritz",
and had to check the inducks to find out the other one, "Mystery of
Whalers' Cove" (MM 43, art Jack Bradbury).

Was there any other Disney stories written by them ?


>Pohl Anderson

I guess that was a momentary lapse in writing, and you might have
meant Frederik Pohl and Poul Anderson... :-)

And since some of my favourite authors hadn't been mentioned yet,
here's another name-dropping bout... :-)

Philip K. Dick, Roger Zelazny, Clifford Simak, Ursula Le Guin,
Michael Moorcock, James G. Ballard, Cordwainer Smith...

er... alright, I'd better stop now... but not before having
mentioned the funniest writers alive (imho), Terry Pratchett
and Robert Rankin... fans of Douglas Adams with a penchant for
Fantasy shouldn't miss the Discworld series (Pratchett) and
the Brentford trilogy (Rankin, a trilogy of 5, maybe 6 novels
by now, as usual... :-)

>Okay, not really on topic, but there it is.

Well, this might be just the starting point for a nice discussion
about S/F and Fantasy in Disney comics...

For instance, although I'm clearly a fan of both genres, I don't
appreciate much explicit S/F or Fantasy "ambience" in Disney comics,
except for the odd space travel or a bit of magic every now and then...
can't explain exactly why, it just seems "out of place" to me...


Eta Beta

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