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Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Tue Jun 19 14:05:51 CEST 2001

From: HoyMurphy at aol.com
>>>>If Duckburg was founded by Cornelius Coot, why is it called Duckburg
of Cootsville or something like that?

As Olaf Solstrand partially explained, if you "accept" my stories, I told
the origin of Duckburg back in "His Majesty McDuck" in 1988. Sir Francis
Drake established Fort Drakeborough when he claimed the land of New Albion
which was to be England's first settlement of their claim on western North
America. But the location of New Albion was lost to history and England's
claim was never acknowledged. (This part I'm not making up!) Anyway, after
Fort Drakeborough was acquired by Cornelius Coot in 1818, he later
"Americanized" the name to Fort Duckburg. (For our non-fluent-in-English
members, "drake" is a male duck or sometimes just a duck and a word
slightly more commonly used in England than in America.

From: "Olaf Solstrand" <harryklein at hotmail.com>
>>>>According to "Life of Scrooge" by Don Rosa, this crook met Scrooge on
Mississippi near Loisville, Kentucky :) in 1880. At this time, he had three
grown-up sons, so he must have been at least somewhere around 40. If that
correct, and he is born in 1840, and the stories find place in the 1950s,
this vigorous man is over 110 years old!!! Is there a logic explanation on
something like that?

Nope. It baffles science!
(Louisville... not Loisville. Named after Louis XIV of France, not Lois
Lane of Metropolis.)

>>>>In the "Scrooge 50 years in Duckburg" story, he seems to be very
active. He
even flies one of Gyro's flying bikes. Yikes. And that's supposed to be
1952, where he is over 110 years old. Please help me out on this.

When I combined all the old Barks stories (that were never meant to be
combined, don't bother to remind me of that), I came up with several (but
not many!) internal contradictions. This was one. Barks had shown
Blackheart Beagle and his sons in the 1880 riverboat story (no title) and
showed another character who would logically be the same guy, "Grandpa
Beagle", in "The Money Well" in the present. But I liked the character of
Blackheart Beagle too much to let this age problem stand in my way of using
him. I just don't explicitly point out his potential age.
So, just think of him as "spry".

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