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Hi A.C.
Not only the schools is a subject that has been passed over in silence. I have seen some bath tubs in DD's, but until the newest  Don Rosa comic (With the blueprints...) have I ever, ever - as far as I remember - seen a toilet. -Actually we only see the, seat??? , but anyway, people have toilets...
People die - but never in DD comics. (That'd be sad - but reality...) (Yeah, OK, mr. Rosa let $'s dad die, I know...)
Returning to the subject: Schools and ducks. Most people go to school - and sometimes ducks do too...
A story showing HD&L in school is in my opinion a funny idea. Please notice the word "funny"... I see it as a gag story, since it seems quite hard to imagine an adventure taking place in a school yard. Bullying (which I don't think is called "Mobbing" in English? -Unless, of course, you was attacked (physical) by the other students. ) could of course be chosen as a subject - but really AC, since you have been a victim of bullying, you could answer: Would you, when you was released from the "torture" in school, like to go home, and be remindend of your suffering when "visiting" your friends in duckburg? I found it prefereable to forget about victimisation and meet with adventures... (I don't even think a story where the bullyer is defeated in some way, would cheer me up... :o(  ... )
About Learning From Comics:
YES, it certainly is OK to let kids learn from comics. ANd I am so sorry, it isn't accepted. Though, I remember mu teacher in history telling that when he was studying at the Uuniversity, they discussed "popular science" (Meaning something like 'Science for gunsils/dummies/everyone, right?), and after having studied some DD's/Uncle$'s and some magazines of Pop. Sci., they found out that the reseach for DD's was better than the research for the mag.s... It is food for thought, hmm...  



sb pøbel; flok; bande
vb stimle sammen; stimle sammen om, omringe ( fx the prince was mobbed by sight-seers
overfalde i flok
Fra Gyldendals Engesk-dansk.

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> Hello fellow fans!
> Having been studying at a danish teacher's college for almost a year
> now, I just spend some time thinking about schools in Duckburg. 
> This subject has several aspects. First claim from me: There's not
> often shown scenes or stories from Duckburg school in the weekly. I
> mean we often see the ducks on adventures, doing things in their spare
> time, having different jobs and so on. I of course remember some times
> when school was the subject of eg. a Barks-story - but some of those
> have truant officers as main charecters as HDL don't want to go to
> school in those stories.  
> I see something self-condradicting in the fact that the kids are often
> shown as not wanting to go to school, and then, at the same time,
> they're Junior Woodchucks, learning all kinds of things through that.
> Oh - and being that they might not think they have any need for school
> - as they can have it all at the JW's? Is that right or wrong of them? 
> In another story by Barks that I read in danish in 1993 or so, the
> danish caption in the splash panel (Want to buy an island?) almost made
> me ... throw up. It says, HD and L actually like to go to school, it's
> so funnyyyy. At the time (in all my years at school) I was mobbed in
> school so I didn't agree. But the story showed how happy HDL were to
> learn something. Later though, I saw the original splash panel's
> caption, it says kindergarten... 
> Maybe the fact that too many pupils are not happy about mobbing in
> classes and pauses at school, explains a lot about why there aren't
> many stories about it. Still I remember a quite good story where HDL
> was confronted with one who wanted to mob others, and they try to do
> something about it. In the end they make friends. I don't recall the
> story code right now, sorry. 
> I remember another story, which I read in the 80'es when I was myself
> what I consider a child. Back then I wasn't so interested in artists
> and all, I just enjoyed the stories like a good boy;-) Of course that
> is the porpouse of the stories for most people, and the childlike ones
> (the ones who are children, or a such at heart) too. The story was
> about HDL having to write an essay for the next day, so they run to
> Gyro to ask for an idea. He coincidentally invented a time-mashine
> (quite normal thing for him to do at that period of stories) and the
> story is about several accidents that the multi artist Limonardo da
> Vimsi causes (The name would read Lemonado da Clumsy or such in
> American, if the story is published in a Gladstone comic or such). My
> reason for mentioning that is that I of course saw what was behind that
> name: Leonardo da Vinci, and so, I suddenly knew a bit about him. 
> I don't want to write too much about the studio-stories from the 60'es
> even though some of them have school as subjects, where eg. Scrooge is
> teacher in geography, Gyro in Chemistry and Grandma in Domestrial
> Scinece (? - Home cooking?). I am not too fond of the stories made by
> the Studio back then. 
> I come to think of the school drawings Don Rosa made for Finland in
> 1999. The 1-page drawing of those shows HDL wishing they were at
> school, and as they're JW's hunting for knowledge I would understand
> that. Still, it's been said here that it's somewhat a gag drawing? How?
> In the way that we think of Barks showing the kids not wanting to go to
> school because they are JW's or what? From my point of wiev it wouldn't
> be the slightest strange if HD&L would be very bright pupils. 
> Maybe a problem is that they have been 10 years for how long? In the
> stories we read today? If I had been in 4th grade, which is what we
> attend at that age, where I live, for so many years I would be pretty
> fed up with whatever it is they learn at that point. 
> In connection with this, I also notice that the kids (HDL) are very
> interested in the Internet and computers in some new stories, and as a
> kind of answer to Søren, it doesn't botter me. I don't mind if every
> writer or artist has his own wiev of Duckburg, I'll have one for every
> writer or artist. If I eg. read a Don Rosa story, I am used to the fact
> that the stories go on in the 50'es, and I read the Barks-stories more
> or less the same way. Other stories can show HDL or Scrooge working
> with internet or PC's as they're another kind of stories from my point
> of wiev. The Scrooge of the firstmentioned kind of stories can't be
> shown in a story in eg. the 90'es - not from my point of wiev. The
> second-mentioned Scrooge is forever the age he was in his best years
> with Barks, and HDL are 10 years old forever  - and this would be
> possible because Duckburg is either stuck in time, or (whoa!) without
> time - in those stories that is. 
> So, coping with the fact (not fully accepting it) that I'm part of a
> small minority of readers - socalled donaldists, who are very
> interested in many different aspects of Duckburg - I wonder if the
> usual reader would like it - or throw up - if he/she read about HDL in
> school. Would it be okay to teach kids something through the Weekly?
> Would it be fun to see HDL in school for a day - seeing what they
> do/learn, what silly/wise teachers they have? The old codex (what not
> to show and what to show) of Gutenberghus, the publisher in Denmark
> before it was named back to Egmont,  said that a writer/artists
> shouldn't make the stories so that any particular group would be hated.
> They for some reason mentioned teachers (!), but if a writer/artist
> shows teachers as they really are (some are good, some aren't) would it
> be okay today?
> Large () (I should tell that I've been member of the staff of the local
> school paper for the last year. The school is not only teacher's
> college, though it's known for that, but also a special danish high
> school form taking 2 years (higher prepertaion-exam, hf in danish).
> Many of the pupils and a few teachers subscribe to our paper, which
> comes out 5 times a year or so. For the last 4 numbers I've written a
> column, on this my favorite interest, Ducks - Chances are that I make
> take this subkect, school, as the thing for the 2nd column next school
> year (the first coming will be music in Duck comics)) End of ()
> I challenge any writer/artist/donaldist/fan/reader to come up with
> ideas on this, discuss or comment. 
> (Stepping down from the sodapop-box)
> A. C. Sivebaek
> acsive at
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