soda pop - pop - soda - soft drink

Don Rosa donrosa at
Tue Jun 19 23:50:34 CEST 2001

From: Kjell Crone <kjell.crone at>
>Is that the word, sodapop?
>>>>This is interesting,
according to my dictionary, there is no such word! Strange.
But soda, isn't that carbonated plain water ?
And lemonade, isn't that *uncarbonated* fruit juice, with water and sugar
added ?
There also is something called "soft drink", I think this is the right word.

Yes, correct, lemonade is not "soda pop".
There are different words for things like Coca-Cola in various parts of the
nation here. Some regions call them "soda pop". Other regions just say "pop"
or just "soda". Here in Kentucky we call them "soft drinks"... maybe because
Kentucky is where most of the country's HARD drinks come from (whiskey,
bourbon, white lightnin', moonshine, etc.).
We're teaching a lot about Kentucky lately, eh? It's a state to be proud
of -- we are the country's major supplier of liquor & tobacco, also known
for gambling on horse races and having many hunters, people wildly fanatical
about sports, and being in the running for the most overweight and
undereducated population in the USA... and the most famous Kentuckian
(Louisvillian) is someone known worldwide because he used to pummel other
people senseless with his fists.
But we do say "soft drink".

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