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Wed Jun 20 12:12:21 CEST 2001

NINIE (was it? from odd Bjarne Poulsen's adress)

I absolutely follow your opinions. I do think the word mobbing would be
known in english, as the word mob is english.  I don't know what I
experienced in school was mobbing or bullying, I certainly felt chased for
all 11 years. Actually i wouldn't be sad to read about schools in the
weekly, not even back then, cause friends and kids in Duckburg School were
nice, and my classmates at school didn't seem to be. 
The mobber/bullyer in the story i mentioned was mobbing because of
personal problems, and not feeling he was good enough in eg. Maths. I
would think that is often the reason for someone to mob - I always thought
of that - it's worst for the one who mobs... he/she really must feel bad. 

popular science... yeah. As i told a norwegian article was supposed to be
ironic - the irony was the subject, Donald Duck, as i saw it. I'm not sure
I agree with a viewpoint I read today: It's good that the media at least
write about comics - (Me: If the write false things, I'd rather not read

About those toilets, as far as i know, only Rosa has shown toilets in the
duck comics. In War of the Wendigo (Dwarph Indian story - the continuation
(danish explanation)) And in this new story Money bin vs. Beagle Boys.
There is a toilet room shown in the Coin too. 

Anders Christian Sivebæk

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