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Wed Jun 20 13:27:53 CEST 2001

	Hey, guys...

>About those toilets, as far as i know, only Rosa has shown toilets in the
>duck comics.

	Daan Jippes showed a toilet as early as the 1970s ("Disco-Ducks" - H
78dd09). And while they've only appeared occasionally since then in the
comics, Disney's own TV cartoons show them rather frequently. HOW TO HAUNT A
HOUSE, a short Goofy cartoon released last year, is one example: in it, a
flashlight is flushed down a toilet.
	What's wrong with a toilet, anyway? Yes, it implies the Ducks have
normal bodily functions. But *implying* it doesn't mean we need to show
anything gross on-screen.
	It's like saying we can't show a knife cutting a piece of meat
because the same knife could also, in theory, be used to murder someone.

	David Gerstein

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