DCML digest, Vol 1 #582 - 16 msgs

Theresa Wiegert f95thwi at dd.chalmers.se
Wed Jun 20 13:25:20 CEST 2001

Kjell Crone:
> The word "läskeblask" is used by lots of people, including
> "normal" people.
> Many of them probably don't know the origin of the word.

Ha! I remember when I was younger - I was convinced that "läskeblask" was
the right word for it in swedish - we never drank soft drinks at home,
so I hadn't heard any other word for it. But oh, what kids in school
thought that was laughable when I used it... So for a while I was quite
embarrased. That's a reason to why names shouldn't be altered concerning
old historical figures, like Leonardo da Vinci, someone mentioned
before. If you don't know the story, it might turn out wrong if you are a
young reader. I've learnt tremendously much history from duck-stories, but
it might get confusing sometimes. But Läskeblask should remain! It's a
wonderful word. 
I remember a story when Donald works someplace making this Läskeblask
(from Kalle Anka, about 10-15 years ago), and everything goes a bit as it
usually does when Donald is around, and he drinks far too much and gets
all swollen, and the drink is extremely pink.... :) I think tha factory
exploded or something like that. Does anyone remember?

/Theresa, getting thirsty...

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