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Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Thu Jun 21 02:05:27 CEST 2001

Hi, Fernando, and all!

I find your message only now, and surely someone just answered you...

> Ok, here I go again...I really like the Caballeros...

Well, I want to notice that the Walt Kelly's story in  Zio Paperone # 141 is
VERY, VERY important. Also a short story with Donald by Walt Kelly shall be
printed in Italy soon. But this "Three Caballeros" is the original, long,
rare version. Unavailable from an ald "Albi d'Oro" from the Italian
newsstands, now at its first "popular" reprinting from when it come out. I
also want to remember you that even the two parts USA reprint, in WDC&S, was
an "edited version"... And I have no idea from how many years the Walt
Kelly's original version is not available anymore in ANY country...

>  it's a very important issue in any
> way!

Righto! For the Alberto's article, too!
> I was checking on the Inducks and I saw that there are a Caballeros story
> that Carpi drew..."I tre caballeros e la guerra dei juke-boxes"

Yes. There is one more story with "los tres amigos", drawn by Carpi, and
written and storyboarded by... the poor me (in the book "Walt Disney
presenta Paperino"). It's the story of "Alì Paperino e la lampada in
condominio". This time it's a sort of fairy tale in the "Walt Disney's
Theatre" mood, with Panchito and José as the two geniuses living together in
a magic lamp hold by Donald - Aladdin.
I agree with Don Rosa about the (im)possibility to use the magic serapé in a
"normal" Three Caballeros story. But it was possible to use it, if all the
three guys become "fantastic characters". So, I turned 'em into, and they
fly on a magic carpet again.

>  I'm really curious to see how this great italian
> artist drew Panchito and José!

Very, very well. Maybe there are samples by him and by other artists in the
introduction I wrote for the the Don Rosa's story, which shall come out in
Italy in ZP 142 (next July).


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