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Rob Klein bi442 at
Thu Jun 21 16:03:24 CEST 2001

Answer to Theresa Wiegert's question of the Laskeblask story (sorry - I can
use my Scandinavian characters only with my Microsoft Word - not with my

Theresa:  I believe that the story you mentioned must be "For Mycket
Laskeblask" (Fo(e)r Mycket La(e)skeblask)"  or "Lemonade Looney", D7734. 
It was an 11 - page story drawn by Daniel Branca, and published in
Scandinavia in 1985.   I believe it was written by one of the British
writers, but there is no entry for that in INDUCKS.  Perhaps David G. can
provide that information?

Regarding Olaf's comment on a better Weekly and Mickey stories.  I wish we
could have Weeklies changed to a format which is more to "my" taste (that
would apply to the taste of the reader  of each weekly magazine in his/her
country).  But, that requires profitability and the publisher's and the
editors' having knowledge of the exact taste of the majority of readership
and matching that to the profitability.  this ideal situation does not
always occur.  In any case the taste of a givin individual will rarely be

In Holland, the Mickey Mouse monthly was stopped, and very few new Mickey
stories appear in the Weekly -(none in Donald Duck Extra).  So, - very few
of the great Noel van Horn Mickey stories are seen by Dutch readers.  As a
fan of Gottfredson, Bill Wright, Murray and van Horn, I would rather have
Mickey stories in my Donald Weekly than not at all.  ideally, I agree with
you, however, that it would be best to have them segregated.  I would
rather have a "Duck" weekly, AND a "Mouse" weekly, AND a monthly giant
comic with all the OTHER Disney Characters, AND a Duck monthly for longer
epic stories, AND.....

But, alas... we live in the real world,  (sigh.....)

Rob klein


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