Off-topic, Heinlein (last time)

Shelley Hanson/KlezmerAllThatJazz klezmerallthatjazz at
Thu Jun 21 16:14:19 CEST 2001

As recent comments from others have shown, Stranger in a Strange Land is not
necessarily going to be to everyone's taste. If you are not familiar with
Heinlein, I highly recommend his classic "Time for the Stars," "Puppet
Masters," "Tunnel in the Sky," and his short stories to start with. "Time"
and "Tunnel" were in his series of "juvenile" novels (written for teenage
boys) but are not dumbed-down, and are absolutely enjoyable by adults. The
lesser-known "Double Star" has a lot of cutting satire of the political
process. All of these are much shorter reads that "Stranger in a Strange
Land" or "Time Enough for Love," which is massive, so require a much smaller
time commitment. I envy all of you who will get to read these for the first

By the way, the term "waldo" which is now commonly used for
remote-controlled mechanical "hands" (used for handling radioactive
materials, for instance) comes from Heinlein's novella "Waldo."

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