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Thu Jun 21 17:31:09 CEST 2001

Hello everyone!

The typos Harry spotted are fixed. Thanks again!

>>In the hypnotizer gun story, where Donald is hypnotized
>>by that toy gun, he goes to get some money from a big bully.
WDC&S 145 (Oct '52) (Album 22), p 5 panel 4 (mailbox)
& p 6 panel 6: Rockjaw Bumrisk.

Ari (Death in Disney comics):
>>"King Scrooge the First"
Right. I forgot.
There's also "The Old Castle's Secret" (DD FC 189, June '48),
where we told about the skeleton of  Sir Quackly in the wall.
A terrible way to die when you think of  it.

>>This reminds me of Barks' "Ancient Persia", where the ancient characters
>>more or less die when they return to powder.
Quite a nice way to do it, too (using death & ressucitation, I mean).

More examples, from Gottfredson's dailies:
A terrible death (lava) near the end of  "The Pirate Ghostship"
(April 17-July 15, 1944).
An instance of  self-sacrifice in "The World of  Tomorrow"
(July 31-November 11, 1944).
A fiery death at the end of  "The House of  Mystery"
(November 13, 1944-January 27, 1945)


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