The 7th Beagle Boy

Eero-Pekka Halinen e_halinen at
Thu Jun 21 22:25:37 CEST 2001


>>>I would consider it a teaser, something to rellay tease the fans, that 
>>>the 7th beagle boy-number is never show[n]... quite frustrating:-) yeah, 
>>>let it be an eternal secret.

>>I think it's simple: two Beagle Boys carry the *same* number, and no-one 
>>ever noticed!
>>(Hm... this would be a nice subject for a story... 8-)

>If two Beagle Boys would have the same number, maybe that could mean they 
>are twin brothers? If so, they could misuse that, because if one does a 
>crime, the police may never know which of the two twin brothers has done 
>it.  :-)

>- Daniel

It cannot be shown due to the exciting world of maths. The numbers 176 (and 
any three numbers) can only be put in six different orders. There are seven 
Beagle Boys, so one have to go without a number. Poor 176-???.


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