(Fw:) Carl Barks Estate being Liqudated on June 30

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Fri Jun 22 22:28:58 CEST 2001

This evening I received the message at the end of this email.
I haven't dared to look at the site yet to see what exactly is meant. 

I hope that the message doesn't mean that historical material like
Barks' administration (the vouchers), his letters and his National 
Geographics will disappear into many unknown private collections. 
I've always hoped that one day there would be some kind of 
"Barks archive foundation" which would take care of that material.
But, as I said, I haven't looked yet, so maybe the message only
refers to the "less important" material like furniture, etc.

So, apologies in advance if I'm too impulsive with these thoughts.

I just feel very sad about the message in general, because it
heavily confronts me with realizing once again that Carl Barks
really has passed away. 

- Daniel

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Subject: Carl Barks Estate being Liqudated on June 30 
Date: vrijdag 22 juni 2001 21:04

     I wanted to let people who were interested in Carl Barks to know his 
household contents are being sold at his home in Grants Pass, Oregon on
June 30th.  You may visit my website at www.estatesalesunlimited.com
Thank You,
Robin Gordon

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[Correct notation of the URL: "http://www.estatesalesunlimited.com"]

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