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KRITON (18-06-01):
> Perhaps HD&L, on discovering who their real parents were, decided to
> stay with unca Donald, despite all his faults.
> Portraying their parents in as ludicrous a fashion as Samantha's
> parents, could prevent HD&L's decision to stay with 
> Donald from being a sad one.

I think that HDL do know who their real parents are. At least they seem to
be over 5 years old when they come to Donald so they should remember their
mother and father. Unless, of course, the fact that their mother left them
was such a trauma that they decided to shut it from their minds.

ETA BETA (18-06-01):
> Indeed. And, knowing Francesco rather well, I'm surprised he didn't
> point out, also to get a bit back on-topic :-) , that a few italian
> Disney stories were derived straight from classic S/F...
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When talking about sci-fi stories, one the best series I recall is The
Lords of the Galaxy series. It's a parody of Star Wars and IMHO a very
good one. Codes for the ones published in Finland are I TL 1846-A, I TL
1970-E and I TL 2119-6. They have nice characters and the same feel of
galactic adventure as the original one. And of course it's hard to resist
the idea of Goofy being one of the few respected masters in the universe.
And while we're talking about scifi/fantasy stories, I got to mention
Massimo De Vita's Ice Sword series. Mickey and Goofy get transported to a
different dimension that is threatened by an evil lord. It has some great
art (well, with Massimo what else can you expect) especially in landscapes
and that adventuring feeling: going through unknown territories with
dangers and surprises behind every corner. I know some might say that
these stories contain only a standard fantasy plot with evil lords and
heroes but I think that the use of Disney characters makes the plot feel
fresh. There has been at least four part to this series: I TL 1411-B, I TL
1464-B, I TL 1517-A and I TL 1936-A. This series also proves (to me) what
a wonderful writer Massimo De Vita is.

There have been some Italian stories about HDL's school. Those I've read
usually have Donald as a substitute teacher and HDL make fun of him.
Hilarious if you ask me. But the school is not depicted as a wonderful
place and HDL don't like to go there. Except when Paperinik had to go
school... But that's a different story. There are also these new stories
where HDL are part of a gang that uses computers a lot. "Netgang" or
something like that is their name. One story at least showed HDL's class
and teacher and they didn't seem to think that it was so bad to go to

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