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Hello everyone!

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(As someone said, please sign when your e-mail
doesn't contain your name, as I do):

>>I'll be going to France soon.  I was wondering if  anyone had any
>>information about the latest Picsou magazine, i.e., contents,
>>price, where it can be found.

First, chances are, it'll be the next issue when you arrive, so I don't
know the contents.
AS for the latest (June, PM 353), I don't have it, but Gilles told me
there is "Island in the Sky" (U$ 29), "The Golden Nugget Boat"
(U$ 35), a few Barks ten-pagers and two versions (including the
Jippes one) of  a story written by Barks, "A Day in a Duck's Life"
(DD 138 & H 9885); now this sounds interesting; I overlooked it
when I first read the message.

The price is 19F (2.9 euros).
Le Journal de Mickey is 9.80F (1.5 euros).
Super Picsou Géant is 25F (3.8 euros).

You can find Disney magazines (Picsou Magazine, Le Journal de
Mickey, Super Picsou Géant, Mickey Parade, ...) in every
newsstand / kiosk.

As for finding back issues, I have childhood memories
of  bookshops selling bags of  back issues in touristic places
(not Paris, though, where the beaches are), but don't know whether
they still do.

Ordering back issues is extremely difficult.
I have been trying to get some for more than a month! It is very
complicated and absurd: you have to phone to check the issues
are available, but cannot order them by phone, you have to write,
so by the time they read your letter, some issues are out of  print
and they send you your check back, and you have to phone, and...

Have a nice stay in France!

And a nice summer to everyone!

(33-5°C yesterday afternoon; should be more today)

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