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Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at
Tue Jun 26 13:58:24 CEST 2001

You somehow did right in doubting that the Ducks are so popular in
Europe, and I'm glad that you found that they are. Your little story 
about the norwegian guy on my own age had my laughing out loud - 
he could be one of my friends from here or from duckhunt. 
You wont believe how known those Ducks are here. Eg. When 
Barks passed away ;-)... all media told about it, it was on the 
head news in the headlines, 
Channel 2 resended a documentary program with an interview from 
1994 and so on. 
I remember in 1997 when don was here. The only  reason I got to know
about it was the news: The were there with their camera, showing this
popular artist who just had a book published about Scrooge (That's not 
the whole true story, but what they told). 

On the ferry from Norway I saw two kids sitting an reading their
Duck-weekly - thinking about it, that's not something I see everyday 
here. The fans are of course active here and in their fanzines all 
around Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. 

I might have told that I live on campus near the teacher's college
where I study. 
On the floor we started out being 10 or so. All people there now the
Ducks. 3 (including myself) are hard-core fans. my next-door 
neighbour, a boyfriend of one of the fans, and another girl living on 
the floor have become quite knowing about Don Rosa, his 
dedications and his style, thanks to me. 
Jacob, the other male fan likes detailed styles, and therefore he's
quite anxious to borrow my Rosas from time to time. Rikke (female fan) 
is just a hard-core reader though. She thinks about Rosas drawings 
that they're too strange. Her boyfriend on the other hand, who didn't 
read ducks before, said about Rosa that it's the bext duck-style he

People know the ducks and of course have different opinions on them. 

I wouldn't have been able to get a chair in the editing group of the
school mag. had it not been for a nice fellow fan who writes a music 
column there. He knows quite many Barks-stories too. 

Don is very popular in Norway you know, ducks are. You can see that
also from the news paper articles that they print. 

You're quite right. Had he been a she, it would have been more likely
to be a 
negative answer, maybe not a huh? But a: are you still reading comics??
But I know quite a few female readers, you know!
Yes, wellknown, perhaps not a household name - of course this household
him (Him being Barks Rosa or Milton or Rob Klein)
And you're right about the wanting adventure: His reason for going to
might originate in some Barks story! My main reason for going to
America would 
certainly be because of stories I read, and friends I would like to
meet - friends 
I met via this my great interest in ducks. 

A. C. Sivebaek
acsive at

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