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Thu Jun 28 02:17:38 CEST 2001

One of the earliest Duck stories that I enjoyed was from a Greek issue of
MIKY MAOYS from about 1966. It was probably translated from an Italian
story. It was a loose adaptation of the "Iliad," and although I don't
remember much at all about the story-line ( I was about seven or eight) I
recall that in the story, Scrooge, who had a similarity to Homer's Menelaus,
recruits Donald (Achilles?) and launches a mission to recover a chess-set
(or chess-board) of some special significance that had been pilfered by
Gladstone Gander (Paris of Troy?). That's really all I remember! 

I would very much like to find this story, as I've always been fascinated by
any mythological and/or historical link in the Duck stories. Does anyone
know of this story? Is it indexed? Would any of my Greek compatriots out
there be willing to sell a copy to me and ship it to the U.S.? (I would
pre-pay shipping, of course.)  

Thanks, in advance for any clue!

Mark Doukakis

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