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Fri Nov 2 07:48:38 CET 2001

  Gilles if you want to have some information on the Beagle Boys you have 
better contact Kriton Kyrimis who seems to have an interest on them.In Komix 
130 he had counted the six more often used Beagle Boys:Grandpa 
  He had then proceeded to count all the Beagle Boys'numbers in Barks 
and Grandpa 186-802.That is 41 Beagles.Don once mentioned the rest of them 
may be the sons and grandsons of Grandpa's brothers.
  Kriton theorised there are at least 1001 Beagles:Grandpa 186-802 and 
Beagles with numbers from 176-000 till 177-000.
   This is not that simple.Many stories,mainly American and 
Italian,proceeded to inform us that the Beagles are an ancient clan of 
Raiders that is facing the Ducks since Prehistory.In a Moby Duck story 
published in Super Miky 18 the first Beagle becomes an outlaw to face the 
tyranic Moyk Doyk(Scrooge McDuck look-alike ancestor)on the year 214.200 
BC!Don't be surprised Italian stories said the Ducks' clan was established 
on 1.000.000 BC on the dawn of civilisation.Many stories have explained how  
the Beagles were developing new brunches in different territories during the 
milenia.Current stories have said they are international,having brunches in 
every main country of the world and the American brunch having his own 
brunches in every main U.S.A cities.If you want to study the Beagles'history 
good luck!

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