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Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Fri Nov 2 23:07:51 CET 2001

From: "Olivier" <mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr>
Subject: -- Money Bin issue
>>>Oh, and what exactly should the first panel look like, Mr Don Rosa?
The banners beneath the circled BB & Bin are blank.

Those were the banners placed there by Egmont to write in their "Created by
Barks" series logo which that story was originally part of. The banner
under the Beagle Boy was usually lettered correctly, but some publishers
didn't catch on that this story was a *double* entry in the series, which
is why the two main characters were the BB *and* the Bin, as I consider the
Money Bin to be one of Barks' very greatest creations.... and they semed
confused as to what to put on the banner below the Money Bin picture.
This seems to have confounded PICSOU even more. I *assume* the editor was
aware that this issue of PICSOU was published on the 50th anniversary of
both the BB and the Bin, since it's the theme of the issue, but why would
he not put mention of that fact ohn those banners rather than leaving them
blank? What's more annoying is that the *whole reason* I chose those two
features in the series to do is that the PICSOU editor had asked me for a
50th anniversary story for those very aspects -- and you're saying that he
did not mention that this was the purpose behind the story? Doues the issue
not mention the 50th anniversary theme? If not, I'm baffled! I mysteriously
lost all contact with the PICSOU editor months ago, and I am no longer able
to supply him with suggestions, assistance or answers to the questions he
used to send me. Furthermore the original suggestion for the Money Bin
blueprints came from this PICSOU editor, for use as a poster! And now, with
no contact, I can't tell him that we have a poster version ready for him!
Very frustrating (and mysterious).

From: "Fluks, H.W." <H.W.Fluks at kpn.com>
>>>How was Portugal?

It was great fun to walk around in the ancient part of the city and eat
squid and octopus and cuttlefish in ink!
As for the convention, they had a very nice display of several of my
stories and covers and many other nice art displays. (Nobody does comic art
displays as nice as the Spanish and Portuguese... remember how great the
display of my art was in Oporto 4 years ago?!) But it was a "different"
sort of experience for me, being a guest at a comic convention in a country
where my work is never seen! There were about a half-dozen serious fans who
knew who I was, but I sat and signed many autographs and did scribbles for
many nice folks who trusted the information that I was "somebody" and were
very kind and attentive.
This will be a nice contrast to my next trip which will be to Finland. From
a country where no one knows my work to a country where I need bodyguards
to keep the fans at bay!  Wheee.
But, by the way, there was a ML member there at the show, one of those
half-dozen who actually knew me. He said he would say hello to the ML for
me and post a link to some photos of the festival. That never happened?

From: "Dim I Nticoudis" <dimadick at hotmail.com>

Thanks for all the nice things you said. But if you're curious:

>>>>Though there are other
references.For instance his opinion that John D.Rockerduck has inherited
money probably has something to do with earlier references of this fact in
Tony Strobl's stories.

No, I thought that was a new idea. I was actually being sorta reckless
using the character since I have never even read a Rockerduck story after
that original one by Barks. If Strobl ever did a story with Rockerduck, it
was never printed in America. We've only ever seen Rockerduck in his first
appearance in the early 60's by Barks. Maybe Strobl did a Rockerduck story
for that Disney division that sent comics to Europe to fill the growing
need that the declining Western publications could not fill. But I never
saw it.

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