Continiuty questions about the Ducks

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According to Don Rosa Donald and Della Duck are borned on 1920.Donald has 
already met Mickey Mouse by 1931(More HooZoo).Donald's life starts being 
recorded on 1934(Wise Little Hen).Are any of his cartoon and comic strips 
adventures considered as cannon?On 1934 he already lives alone and knows how 
to play music,in 1935 he confirms his ability and a preference to flutes.
  On 1937 he first meets his nephews in a comic strip.His seventeen-year-old 
sister already had children.But Don claims his nephews weren't borned until 
1940.Are Donald's appearances with his nephews both in cartoon and 
comicbooks released between 1937 and 1947(Christmas on Bear Mountain) 
actualy taking place between 1940 and 1947?
When Does he meet his nephews?Della is not mentioned after 1944,probably 
deceased.So some time between 1940 and 1944?
  What about Donald's women?He is with Donna Duck on 1937 and Daisy Duck on 
1940.They can't be the same person since they meet each other in a comic 
strip of the time.
  Donald is supposed to be serving in the U.S.A army during the World War 
II.Is this considered as an actual reference to his life?
  What about Carl Bark stories between 1942 and 1947?Don considered Scrooge 
retired during those years to explain why wasn't he appearing in those 
stories.But when did this stories happen?The kids in the Pirate Gold of 1942 
do not act as two years old.And when do this latest Barks'stories happen.In 
"A little Something SpeciaL" by Don Rosa Scrooge meets Flintheart 
Glomgold(1956) and Magica De Spell(1962) on 1952.Have all the Barks stories 
and the previous Don's already occured till 1952?
  Any explanation for the 1920-1967 continiuty of the Ducks?
  I liked Don's painting of Scrooge's grave.According to Don the 19th 
centurie Ducks followed each other to the grave between the 1960's and the 
1970's.So among the additions to the McDucks' cemeterie during the period 
there are:
1)Elvira Coot.Her farm must pass to whoever of her descedants is now the 
head of the family.
2)Scrooge McDuch.He must have chosen a single heir because in "The Sands of 
Time" he doesn't want his money to be divided.
3)Flintheard Glomgold.If he didn't want his fortune to be inherited by the 
Southafrican govermwent he probably left it to the still living Scrooge or 
Scrooge's heir.
4)John D.Rockerduck.The third richest Duck in the world(he actualuy claims 
to be second) has nephews to take over his business.
5)Glittering Goldie O'Gilt.What ever business she had in the North probably 
were inherited bu her granddaughter Dickie Duck.
6)Brigitta McBridge.Scrooge's second love probably left whatever fortune she 
had to her friends Daisy or Dickie Duck.
7)Molly McGold.The richest businesswoman in Gooseburg probably left her 
fortune to Scrooge's heir.So Scrooge idea of how could their fortunes be 
joined can be fullfiled.
8)Ludwig Von Drake.The lonely Austrian probably died.Whatever money he had 
probably went to the Duck who idolised him:Fethry Duck.
  Any answers?

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