Daisy Duck meets Donna Duck

Dim I Nticoudis dimadick at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 5 06:40:36 CET 2001

  There are hand full of old comic strips which were reprinted in Greece.In 
one of them Donald Duck asks Daisy Duck to cook for him.Daisy furiously 
refuses and leaves.But later thinking she has hurt Donald's feelings she 
returns to find Donald along with a female Duck dressed in Mexican clothing 
who is promising to cook for him.The strip ends up as Daisy and the other 
female Duck cook for Donald,antagonising on whose going to contribute more 
in the cooking while Donald is on the couch smiling.I think this Duck is 
Donna.Is it the strip YD 51-08-07 Daisy Duck meets Donna Duck you mentioned 
in the Inducks?By the way who does Donald think he is?

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