Rob K. return

Rob Klein bi442 at
Tue Nov 6 16:23:22 CET 2001

Hello fellow DCML fans.  I am finally virus-free!  Thanks very much, Kriton
for your help.  To Marco, Janne, Cory and the others to whom I sent mail
just before my discovery that I had the virus,  I hope you did not get it
from my mailing.  The virus (sent to Kriton and me) sent from a file from
Anne Lise Rydland, is named: w32.magistr.24876 at mm.  The tool to remove it
is at this URL: at mm.html

It is very dangerous, and after 3 months of infection, will destroy half
the files in your hard drive. i advise everyone to get current updates of
your anti-virus programmes, and to scan regularly.  I apologise for being
off topic.

By the way, - no one should be considered "Scotch" for being miserly or
thrifty with one's money.  A person of heritage from Scotland would be
Scottish.  Scotch is only an alcoholic beverage! 


Rob Klein

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