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Tue Nov 6 16:25:17 CET 2001

> But yes, Scrooge occasionally does appear in [PKNA] comics, but they
> are completely different from any other duck comic i expect you to
> have seen, a very different style, that I somehow came to like... And of
> course now the magazine closes here becuase of too low sales.

Yes, I really liked them when they were published in Finland. The series
started here two and a half years later than in Scandinavia. The beginning
looked fine: they even published the famous 0th episode that was left out
in Scandinavia. But already after the second issue, they announced that
they are going to skip about 30 issues to catch up with other countries. I
really don't understand what is the point of having a series with a
continuing plot and then suddenly leave out over 30 issues. What good can
it do to the sales? Well, I think this was a financial decion but still...
it's no fun for the reader! Then it continued about a year and ended last
December. There was a vague promise of printing issues as books but
nothing has yet happened. This bugs me because in Scandinavia they at
least printed the whole PKNA series (excluding the zero issue). 

It seems to be hard to publish any new series printing new material in
Finland. The ones reprinting stories from the weekly from some 15 years
ago seem to do well, but that really doesn't help me, because I have all
stories and know them.

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