Money Ocean, Flintheart

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Wed Nov 7 21:53:59 CET 2001


>>Hey, thanks for this info! I am a big fan of the Picsou comics, but my French >>skills leave much to be desired, and I'd always wondered where the name >>Picsou came from.

My pleasure.
His first Fench name (1948) was Harpagon (the character of  Molière's "L'Avare" (The Miser); then Oncle Edgar and Jérémie McDuck (1952) (how did they come up with *that*?).
He has been Balthzar Picsou since December 21, 1952. No idea why Balthazar.

The Beagle Boys are Les Rapetou.
The only word that's close is "rapine", an old word for robbing, pillaging.

Rockerduck is Flairsou.
Flair: sense of  smell, but in relation with hounds (flairer: to scent) and detectives (intuition). So he's "the one who scents coins".

Gyro is Géo Trouvetou.
Trouve: from "trouver", to find
tou: corrupt "tout"-- all, everything

Flintheart is Gripsou.

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