Americkan Rockerduck.

Dim I Nticoudis dimadick at
Fri Nov 9 19:55:42 CET 2001

I thought Don Rosa said Rockerduck never reappeared in American comic books 
sine his first story.But searching through my collection I found a story 
named "Scrooge For a Day"(W BB 23-01) that was first published in the 
American Beagle Boys magazine on 1975.Don probably never heard of it and the 
story is nothing great but the American public of the time must have knew 
who Rockerduck was.There is no introduction for him in the story.
  And something concerning the Beagle Boys.There are 849 Beagle Boys in the 
story I mentioned.I don't think there is a story with more Beagles together!

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