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(Here's Dim's reply to my reply to his post about Donald, which he sent me but no longer has)

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Balances in the Duck Universe.I haven't obtained the story you mentioned but 
the Italian Disney recognizes there are many altenate realities to the Duck 
Universe,diverging from the main in certain times.This particular timeline 
diverges in the birth of Hortense's McDuck children.In a timeline without 
Donald and using the dates of the Barks stories and my ideas:
1930.Scrooge McDuck becomes the richest Duck in the world and is isolated 
from his family.Without the kick in the bottom he never understands where 
was he wrong.
During the 1930's.Scrooge travels for a while around the world.Brigitta 
McBridge settles in Duckburg but at the time he is not interested in her.He 
is more interested in the businesswoman Molly McGold but she loses most of 
her fortune,leaves Duckburg for Gooseburg to make a new beginning and 
declines his marriage proposal.Scrooge is feeling betrayed and lonely.
1942.Tired anl lonely Scrooge McDuck shuts down all his business and 
retires.Since there is no "Christmas in Bear Mountain" in this reality he 
never returns to action.
c1944.Della Duck dies and with her mother being already dead she leaves her 
children in the care of her first cousin Gladstone Gander.Glastone,never 
having experienced "a bad-luck day" is much lazier than he would have 
been.As a family he,his wife-to-be Daisy and his nephews live together but 
never reach the potential they had as adventurers.The children also never 
join the Junior Woodchucks.Their lifes are insignificant and their only role 
in the history of the family is to provide descedants of the family.
1951.The Beagle Boys secretly begun to use the abandoned Money Bin as their 
1953.Without ever seing her love again Goldie dies alone in the North due to 
the hard life she was experiencing.Scrooge already suffers from memory 
losses and,without anybody to force him to a doctor and no baths in money to 
regenerate him,his body is declining at a speedier rate and he dies shortly 
there after 14 years too early.His money go to Gladstone Gander who has no 
idea how to use them or protect them.
1956.The fully active Flintheart Glomgold becomes the richest Duck in the 
world.With his old enemy dead he goes after his heir Gladstone Gander and 
Scrooge's old love Molly McGold who proove easy targets and fall prey to the 
senior duck's plots.
1959.Flintheart is officialy proclaimed the Richest Duck in the World having 
obtained Most of Scrooge's fortune and Molly's business.Molly 
dies.Flintheart never meets any worthwhile ducks and spends his days in 
solitude in Souyth Africa.
1960.SEven years after her love's death Brigitta McBridge heart-broken 
follows him to the grave.
1961.John D.Rockerduck becomes the Second richest Duck in the world and 
faces Flintheart.The two rivals get more ruthless and corrupted as the years 
go by.
1962.Magica DeSpell creates her magic charm.But there is no first dime to 
give this charm any true power.Withought her fights with Scrooge she lacks 
the experience,both as a witch and as a businesswoman,to use the power of 
the charm and is only able to get some money Gladstone's way rather than 
create a fortune.
1967.Flintheart dies being 100.His money go to John D.Rockerduck,the more 
suitable heir.The old corrupted duck uses his now huge fortune and his lack 
of rivals to make him self the financial tyrant of his world.Also without 
any Paperinik or Paperinika the crime rate of Duckburg increases constantly 
without anybody to stop it.
1978.John D.Rockerduck dies a 100.He leaves everything to his nephews.The 
Rockerducks are the ruling clan of this world from this year on.Without 
actual rivals till 2001 they are moraly and physicaly declined.
So What do you think of my ideas of what the Ducks' world would be without 
the presence of Donald Duck?

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