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Tue Nov 13 22:14:55 CET 2001

  Olivier mentioned I was making a list of references of death in Disney 
comics.I actualy pointed out six stories that I believe are among Barks 
best,they use references of death and some occasional influence from films 
but the creator was forced to tone down his original ideas due to 
  In the first story Olivier mentioned,Dangerous Disguise,Barks got away 
with a character suiciding,another thrown from a bridge and six others are 
killed while shouting on each other.I don't think this story was censored.I 
would like to see more of this in Barks stories if it  could fit in the 
plot.I do not enjoy random death in a story but the spy game is not a 
laughing matter in Bark's stories.
  The second story,House of Haunts,has no actual death in it.I did enjoy 
Scrooge's belief he was a ghost/a spirit and that he died fighting the 
Beagles,taking Donald with him.Seems that Scrooge believes that if he is 
going to die he might as well go down fighting.Nice point about the way 
Scrooge thinks.The ideas that were censored for this story had nothing to do 
with death.Instead of the Prison-school that was in the story's printed 
version Barks was going to explain that the Beagle Boys are influenced by 
more experienced criminals while in prison.Nice critisizing of the system by 
Mr.Barks.He probably had much more in his mind than funny jokes.Too bad he 
couldn't express himself freely.

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