Eega Beeva

Søren Krarup Olesen raptus at
Sat Nov 17 14:10:15 CET 2001


On Saturday 17. November 2001 13:22, SRoweCanoe at wrote:
> Eager Beaver is an expression that pre-dates Eega Beeva, and is yes
> what EB is.
>   the more current term would be " a go-getter"

Thanks, Steven, had the feeling it was something like that.

>   the club in the film is a different kind of eager beaver.......and
> as you might guess, an offensive term to some

Sure. Reminds me (as usual) of a Vonnegut novel, where Kurt actually 
draws the two kinds of "beavers" in order to question the resemblance. 
Well, that's off topic anyway :-)


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